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Name: Alan Ruby, PhD 
Role: Senior Scientist 

Alan's a big kid. He loves playing basketball, talking sports and drinking beers. He's always been a dreamer, and though very intelligent, he doesn't always make the wisest decisions. His research meanders and as a result, his grant funding has dried up.

Name: Lilith Dragovitch 
Role: Lab Technician 

Lilly (also called “The Vitch” behind her back) has been working in Alan's lab for several years. Nobody's quite sure where, or if, she earned her college degree.
Name: Jared Hepp 
Role: Undergraduate Student 

Hepp’s a college student just out of high school. This is Hepp’s first laboratory experience. He’s shy, earnest and so far uncorrupted. Alan hired Hepp as a cheap work-study student, but the fact that he's very tall means that Alan would have hired him just so that he could play basketball with the other Lab Bratz.
Name: Evonne Washington 
Role: Post-Doctoral Fellow 

Von has been a financially-strapped graduate student for a long time. She is divorced, having spent too much time in the lab for the last few years. Von is glad to be the new post-doc in the lab, but really wants a faculty position as soon as possible.



Lab Bratz is written by Ed Dunphy and drawn by Helber Soares.
Earlier episodes were drawn by Max Velati and Tony Maldonado. Lettering fonts are by Blambot. Special thanks to Nate Piekos! Many of the balloon elements used are modified from Ninja Lettering.
Lab Bratz, all characters, stories and this website are owned by Edward Dunphy and are protected under copyright law.


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